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 Meet us at Infotel 2014 - Srilanka


 FIT (Finish in Time) has more than 200 Customers now


 FIT-HRMS - A truely web-enabled International Product to suit any company


 Launch of Global Warehousing Solution


 Brand new FIT-CRM all set for launch

Specially designed to suit the following business
  • Apparel Manufacturers & Exporters

  • Buying House Operations

  • Knitting & Weaving Management

  • Dyeing, Processing & Printing

  • Sewing Planning & Production

  • Warehousing & Distribution

  • Branding & Retail Operations

  • HR & Payroll Management

  • Asset Management & Maintenance

    The Soul of IT  

At JEEVAN, we incubate Enterprise and E-commerce solutions on behalf of our customers. JEEVAN is a company with full life cycle capabilities of software development and consists of a team that has delivered world-class solutions for almost a decade. If you are walking in as an enterprise in need of software solutions of any form, then we can be of help to you. We deal with all the aspects of enterprise solutions, right from system study, consultancy, developments, testing, benchmarking, training and implementation. All our software solutions are carefully crafted exactly to our client's requirements and at the same time keeping pace with the changing market trends. While we offer end-to-end solutions, we keep a clear focus on our client's business and we have our foundation firmly laid on three layers of any business Quality, Cost Effectiveness and Value For Money.

    Jeevan Advantage  

JEEVAN apart from its regular ERP & E-commerce solutions to its direct customers is now offering itself to serve other offshore IT companies with its technical capabilities and cost effective solutions. Fully understanding the potential of the country India and the city Coimbatore that have abundant manpower with IT Literacy and top class infrastructure for IT developments. The city is already having hundreds of IT Companies and larger corporate like WIPRO, INFOSYS who have already laid their foundations for its development center in the city.

JEEVAN shall create exclusive software team based on the offshore client requirements and shall facilitate in work administration and project management. Each team shall have a Project Leader and team allocated as per customer requirement. The project leader & team members shall update the daily work status to the offshore customer using on-line project management system. As there is a provision for leased line connectivity and JEEVAN, the offshore customer can have the software sources and updates on daily basis thus not loosing any time on the project.

    Enterprise solutions  

FIT-ERP an integrated family of business applications that collects, processes, shares information from all lines of business and automates business processes so that information is shared across departments instantly and puts all your business information in one place.

FIT-ERP is more than just a software solution. It also includes diagnostic tools, benchmarks, leading practices, proven methodologies and business experience designed to assist companies in addressing the full spectrum of process management issues.

FIT-ERP enables all of these features in a centralized data server using a Web-Enabled Interface.

 ®  Sales Order Processing
 ®  Material Requirement Planning
 ®  Time & Action Scheduling
 ®  Capacity Planning
 ®  Purchases & Stores
 ®  Process Works Management
 ®  Production Floor & Line Management
 ®  Sales & Documentation (Logistics)
 ®  Financial Accounting & Interfacing
 ®  On-line Distribution Management
 ®  Multi-Warehousing Functions
 ®  Bar-coding & RFID Interfacing
 ®  Branding & Sales Plans
 ®  Membership Privilege Program
 ®  HR & Payroll Management
 ®  POSS- System and Interfacing to SCM