Warehousing with difference

Jeevan started the development of this new product FIT-WHM (Warehouse Mangement System) beginning September 2005 to replace its basic web-enabled Supply Chain Management System. Jeevan started the development after carefully understanding the needs of Global Apparel Brands to maintain their Distribution and Retailing System. First of its kind, the product will have Pull & Push concepts to maintain and replenish the stock of customers & retail shops.

Merchandising with Control

Central Warehouse merchandising System will create Plan Cards for Procurement, Warehouse Allocation against Goods Receipts & for Daily Dispatches to customers and stores.

The software will have several algorithms to calculate these plan cards based on sales behaviour pattern of each Shop & based on user defined values for stock replenishments. Stock to Order Ratio will ensure effective distribution of stock to all outlets thus ensuring 100% reach of articles to all shop locations.

Integrated POSS (Point of Sale System) ensures that all shops are connected to the central server through SYS (Retail Synchronization Server) & SYC (Retail Synchronization Client) Concepts, which exchange the data between the server and each retail point through batch XML file transfers for information including Schemes, Discounts, Sales & stock upates of each retail outlet within 5 to 10 Minutes of actual transaction in the shop.

Remote Warehouse Management

"FIT" will also have an unique concept of Remote plan card generation from central Warehouse to another remote Warehouse. This will thus reduce the efforts for administration and also cost of maintaining Warehouses in multiple locations. With FIT-WHM it is very easy to control & handle millions of pieces every day in the Warehouse.